At Corona Doctors Medical Clinics, Inc., our Urgent Care services prioritize your health with prompt and specialized attention, ensuring you experience minimal wait time during moments of medical urgency. Here’s what sets our Urgent Care apart:

  • Immediate Emergency Attention: Our dedicated team is equipped to handle minor injuries promptly. From fractures and cuts to lacerations and acute back injuries, we provide immediate care to address your needs efficiently.
  • Welcoming Children of All Ages: Our Urgent Care welcomes children of all ages, ensuring they receive the compassionate and specialized attention required during medical emergencies.
  • Elderly Patient Urgent Care: Recognizing the distinct healthcare requirements of the elderly, we cater to their needs with expertise and empathy.
  • Intravenous Hydration: Our service includes intravenous hydration services, ensuring efficient and effective rehydration for patients in need.
  • Treatment of Acute Migraine Headaches: For those experiencing acute migraine headaches, we provide specialized treatment to alleviate symptoms and offer relief swiftly.

When Should the Elderly Go to Urgent Care?

Deciding whether your elderly loved one should go to urgent care or the emergency room can be challenging. To help you make an informed decision, we have an insightful article that provides guidance on when urgent care is the best choice. You can expedite the check-in process by printing and filling out the last page of the document. Click Here to Read the Article

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